Edison Chen - 陳冠希, Gillian Chung - 锺欣桐 - 钟欣桐, Cecilia Chung - 張栢芝 - 张柏芝, Bobo Chan - 陳文媛, Vincy Yeung Sex Photo Scandal

Latest Update: 2nd June 2009

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The Edison Chen photo scandal is a media scandal that involves Hong Kong actor Edison Chen and actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, and Cecilia Cheung. It started in January 2008 when nude photos of the actors engaged in sexual acts with each other were distributed on the internet.

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Edison Chen & Gillian Chung Having Sex Video
Maggie Q Sex Video

Info & Updates:
June 2 2009
Edison Chen's Interview on CNN
Edison says sex photos were consensual
April 29 2009Edison Chen sex photo scandal suspect convicted

March 8 2009
Gillian Chung contemplating suicide
Gillian Chung blames herself
April 1Jolin Tsai & Pepsi without Edison
Mar 30
Solo Twin due to Edison Sex Scandal
Mar 27
Is Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) on the verge of nervous breakdown due to Edison sex scandal?
Mar 20
Gillian Chung visits White Dragon King in Thailand...
Mar 16
Cecilia Cheung sex videos and photos with 5 other men
Mar 13
Edison Chen sex scandals photos and Video clips are sold in Japan (in chinese)
Mar 10
Edison Chen Planned to Used Sex Photos Against Female Starlets in Hong Kong Celeb Scandal
Mar 09
2 Female Stars from Edison Sex Scandal have STD - ...
Mar 06
Edison Chen Sex Scandal linked to Singapore’s Minister Daughter
Mar 02
Police divulging information to protect Edison? 8 daughters from wealthy families implicated
Mar 01
Edison Chen Naughty Pictures Leaked by Hong Kong Police
Feb 29
Two well-known female stars involved in Edison Chen’s scandal?
Feb 28
Did Edison Chen Leak Nude Photos Himself?
警方确认艳照再增2受害女星 公布新涉女星特征
陈冠希向警方交代 拍摄艳照受利益方指使
Feb 27
Jolin Tsai & Elva Hsiao Deny Involvement in Edison Chen Sex Photos Scandal
Edison Chen proposed 4 times to girlfriend to avoid triad revenge
Patrick Tse feels betrayed by Cecilia Cheung over sex photo scandal
Gillian leaves message for fans; Ella Koon denies involvement
Feb 26
Hsu Chi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang, Jill M Vidal Sucked into Edison Chen Sex Photos Scandal
Dirty downloads: diva axed from Olympic ceremony
警方公布“艳照门”新进展 受害女星达12人
Feb 25
Sex Photos Stir Tempest in Hong Kong
Edison come to blows with Nicholas?; Jolin & Elva denies involvement; Bobo is pregnant?
Edison Chen Collects 10,000+ Obscene Photos
Singapore Blogger nearly involved with Edison Sex Scandal
Feb 24
Edison Chen Suspected of Leaking Naughty Pics Himself
Police find 1,000 more sex photos of Edison Chen
Edison Chen has more photos than what was previously speculated!
Feb 23
'Edison's Conquests' Sex Photos Scandal - 4 Weeks In
Candice Chan Wedding Cancelled Over Scandal
Patrick Tse Broken Heart Over Nicholas Tse Marriage
Edison Chen Parents Condemn Their Son
Feb 21
Star apologises over Hong Kong sex photos scandal
Hong Kong's Edison Chen quits after sex scandal
Beijing police vow action on HK nude photos
Edison Chen announces his exit from Hong Kong entertainment industry!
Feb 20
Edison Chen doesn’t have photos of starlets only; Gillian might be fired from EEG?
Sex Photo Scandal Rocks HK Entertainment Industry
Feb 19
Nicolas Tse Demands Paternity Test for Lucas
Rosanne Wong Worried Her Naughty Pictures Coming Out Soon
Nicholas Tse Discovers Cecilia Cheung Cheated During Marriage
Gillian Chung Marriage Called Off Over New Photo Scandal
Edison Chen to return this week?; Gillian sings amongst complaints (Feb 19)
Feb 18
Edison Chen is going to die (Feb 18)
Asian Scandal InCHENsifies! Meet Edison's 'Inner Circle'
Feb 17Vincy rejects Edison’s marriage proposal; Gillian is married? (Feb 17)

Conspiracy theory: EEG silences Kira using 7 million HK Dollars

Edison Sex Photos Scandal Roundup (Feb 13)

Kira never fulfils his promises but strikes when you least expect it?

Corrected: Maggie Q pics released as ninth suspect arrested

Gillian Chung admits to her involvement in sex photos scandal

Gillian Chung - I was very naive & foolish - First public appearance since nude photos scandal

“Video will be uploaded when Gillian Chung appears in public today”, claims mystery poster - Kira: Not for Money; Jacky Chan made me very Unhappy

Update: Edison Chen has sex pictures

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The Turbulent Times of Edison Chen

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