Edison Chen Sex Scandal: After the interview by Cecilia and Edison, Gillian went cycling after dinner for stress relief, Sunday March 1

Gillian went bike riding till the wee hours of the morning to release stress after Edison and Cecilia's interview!
Article Source: The Sun
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After the interview by Cecilia and Edison, Gillian was forced to go for a ride after dinner to relieve stress

After Cecilia Cheung attacked Edison Chen, the day before yesterday, Edison accepted an interview by the Singapore Mediacorp, and this caused Gillian to be super stress while having an interview with <Be My Guest>! Sources claimed that Stephen Chan would be visiting Gillian privately to get more sources, and to persuade her to disclose the years of secret relationship she had with Edison. Yesterday, before daybreak, Joey Yung and Yumiko Cheng accompanied Gillian to go for a bicycle ride to relieve stress, and use action to support her. And the case was even more heart-warming, because Nicholas’s mother appeared to support Cecilia!

After the in-bed photos incident past for 1 year, the 4 victims tried hard to stand up. Gillian, who made a come-back this month, would be facing a big challenge. Sources said that Tvb saw that Cecilia’s exclusive interview was aired, thus Gillian, who already accepted to appear in <Be my Guest>, would be forced to speak up by Stephen Chan, and the main topic was to force her to disclose the years of secret relation she had with Edison.

Gillian, who had a good relationship with Tvb, already decided to had an interview in <Be My Guest> before Edison appeared in court, Stephen also promised that he would avoid sensitive questions, what was unexpected was that Cecilia had that interview, thus Tvb decided to make the show more interesting, in order to increase the rating, and thus they would be asking all the sensitive questions. Sources say that Stephen had been visiting Gillian recently, in order to give her preparation, and also to understand about the relationship she had with Edison. Online, netizens have been discussing, and planned some questions, and some netizens also wanted to know whether Gillian planned to marry Edison at the very start.

Joey and Yumiko accompanied her for a bicycle ride

Facing Tvb’s interview, is like putting salt on the wounds again, thus Gillian was feeling very stressful. Yesterday, before daybreak, Gillian was spotted cycling in the dark, and there was Yumiko, Joey and Joey’s brother accompanying her, the four of them rode their bicycle in circles near Hong Kong Stadium, as an exercise and also accompanying Gillian and relieve her stress. It could be seen that Gillian was really stressed, and could not even smile, and the optimistic Joey tried hard to make her happy, during the break, the 3 girls also leaned against the fence and chatted, after awhile, smile could be seen on Gillian’s face once again, after riding their bicycle to about 2am, they carried the bicycles onto their crew’s car, then left.

Stephen rejected inviting Cecilia for an interview

Regarding the increase in the content for Tvb’s interview, the management director of EEG, Mani, said: “During the interview, all the reporters would asked questions non-stop, and the content would not be edited at all, we just want Gillian to face the interview normally, and we knew that the interview would be like asking Gillian to say out what she feel. (It was rumored that Gillian rejected a movie from a director?) No such thing! This rumor isn’t fair to both the director and Gillian, Gillian would be working as usual, I already called the director to talk about this.” As for Stephen, he attended a function yesterday, and emphasized repeated that he would be having an interview with Gillian, and regarding Tvb trying to ‘top’ Cecilia’s interview, he said: “This two incidents aren’t link, the main reason that Gillian would be having an interview with <Be My Guest> is to say out the feelings and path she took.” As for whether he would invite Cecilia for an interview, Stephen disclosed that he won’t.

The 4-steps that she took to make a come-back

Gillian would be making a comeback this month, in order to face others in the optimum state, she prepared hard for a year for her comeback.

[Practising dancing and learning Kungfu]
She was filmed to be dancing for 9 hours straight in the studio, and used dancing as an exercise too, as for Kungfu, she learned it twice a week, and trained herself to be agile.

[Physical Exercise]
Gillian would always asked good sisters Joey and Yumiko and many others to accompany her to ride bicycle as an exercise, she always have been an athlete, and tried hard to Keep herself in the optimum state.

[Learn acting]
She learned acting from Jim Chim, and Jim said that Gillian had the potential. As for Gillian acting as a belly dancer in the Hollywood movie <W.>, it was a remake of real-life experiences.

[Had Counseling]
Manager, Mani Fok, had always been anxious about Gillian, and disclosed that she would have a counseling session for Gillian every day, and felt that Gillian already had the ability to stand up and face the future.

Good friends supported Gillian

After the in-bed incident, Gillian shut herself out, but lucky she had her few good sisters from the entertainment circle, and also her rumored boyfriend, Juno Mak, to support her, and thus she was able to stand up again.

Charlene Choi
Was beside Gillian all the time, and transformed into a ‘counsellor’, practiced with Gillian by role-playing, and helped Gillian face the stress she would face in work, really faithful.

Joey Yung
Other than celebrating Gillain’s birthday, and accompanying her to relieve stress by riding bicycle, Joey also stood up and support Gillian, and was really a faithful friend.

Yumiko Cheng
Last year, she took a secret trip with Gillian to be a volunteer in Sichuan, got paint all over her body, and played ‘Eagle catches the chick’ with the children, and also celebrated Mooncake festival with Gillian.

Juno Mak
Scolded that the person who took those photos is the ‘Waste of the Wastes’, Gillian also used the studio, which he exclusively used, to take photos for her main page cover, and thus see it could be seen how close the two of them are.

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Edison Chen Sex Scandal: Gillian Chung blames herself

Gillian Chung blames herself for doing something so stupid!

From Electric News (newpaper):
NO PRIVACY, no dignity and no future for herself. That's how Cantopop star Gillian Chung felt after intimate pictures of her and actor Edison Chen were leaked online.
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DIGNITY: Gillian (seen in a picture taken off TV) says despite what happened, shehas to maintain her dignity. --PICTURE: ORIENTAL DAILY

'I showed everything to everyone, and no matter what I do, I'll get the blame. But dignity is the most important thing,' she said.

Gillian broke her silence more than a year after the incident in an interview on TVB's Be My Guest series, hosted by TVB general manager Stephen Chan Chi Wan.

The interview is due to be screened today, reported the South China Morning Post.

In an excerpt of the interview aired on the evening news in Hong Kong earlier this week, Gillian said that she was so devastated after the scandal broke last January that she thought about killing herself.

When asked who she blamed most for the scandal, a teary-eyed Gillian, who is half of Cantopop duo Twins, replied: 'I blame myself - I blame myself for all of it.

'I blame myself for doing something so stupid.'

She added that the scandal had put 'immense stress' on her, and that she had briefly contemplated suicide, because she was 'disillusioned' and 'could not see a future for herself'.

She said: 'But if I died, all my problems will be passed on to the people around me - the people who care about me would be very sad.

'That's why I eventually banished that thought (of suicide).'

Why did she do it?

When asked why she took the photos, the singer said: 'I don't know... Maybe I don't want to lose...'

But she did not elaborate.

Gillian's interview came just days after a similar interview with Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung, 28, another celebrity caught up in the scandal.

Other victims include Bobo Chan and Rachel Ngan.

In Cecilia's interview, the first half of which was broadcast on Friday, the actress burst into tears and slammed Edison for failing to protect, console or apologise to the women who were affected by the incident.

She was responding to Edison's remarks during a special hearing in a Canadian court last month.

Edison said he was 'determined to protect the girls' innocence', and told the court that the pictures of various celebrities in compromising positions were posted on the Internet after his laptop was stolen.

A Hong Kong technician has been charged with illegally posting the pictures online.

The scandal, which made front page news all over Hong Kong when the pictures were first released, is seeing a huge amount of renewed interest thanks to the court case, as well as Edison's first public appearance.

The actor was in Singapore earlier this month for two corporate events.

Some pundits in the Hong Kong media have speculated that the interviews with Cecilia and Gillian have been timed to torpedo Edison's hopes of reviving his flagging career.

Cecilia's interview generated widespread sympathy for the actress, and Gillian's interview could do the same for the pop star.

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Edison Chen Sex Scandal: Gillian Chung contemplated suicide over sex photos

Seems that Gillian Chung, one of the starlets implicated in the Edison Chen sex scandal contemplated suicide at one stage.

From HK(AFP):
— A Hong Kong pop star contemplated suicide after explicit photos of her with another famous singer were plastered on the Internet last year, a report said Friday.

Gillian Chung, half of Canto-pop duo Twins, said she was devastated when photos of her with actor Edison Chen appeared on the Web, the South China Morning Post reported.

Chung said the idea of killing herself was only fleeting, the newspaper said.

"If I died, all my problems will be passed on to the people around me, the people who care about me," she said in a television interview due to be screened on Saturday, according to the Post.

Chung was one of several starlets pictured in compromising positions with Chen, who has told a court the images were posted on the Web after his computer was stolen.

Chung said she lost all her dignity when the photos were released.

"There's no privacy any more," she was quoted as saying.

"I showed everything to everyone, and no matter what I do I'll get the blame. But dignity is the most important."

Images from Chung's tearful interview were plastered across the front pages of Friday's newspapers in celebrity-obsessed but conservative Hong Kong, where the photos caused a storm when they appeared in February last year.

Chung and Chen are hugely popular across Asia, though Chen, one of the region's biggest film and music stars, saw his career destroyed by the scandal.

He was forced into early retirement and fled to Canada, his childhood home.

Chung was the second victim of the scandal to break her silence over the photos, after actress Cecilia Cheung lashed out at Chen last week for not apologising.

"I blame myself for doing such a foolish thing," said Chung, who has kept a low profile over the past year but is hoping to make a comeback in a high-profile ad campaign next week, the report said.

A computer technician in Hong Kong has been charged with illegally posting the photos online.

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Pay to Poo on plane !

RYANAIR are a step closer to charging passengers to poo after asking Boeing to design credit card-operated toilets.

Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary said he has approached the US aircraft maker after conceding his earlier idea of a coin-operated door wouldn't work because passengers would be using both the euro and the pound.

"We have looked into this before, and the problem is Boeing can't come up with a mechanism on the toilet door to take coins," Mr O'Leary told the Associated Press.

"We're suggesting they go back and look at a mechanism where you'd swipe the credit card for a quid on the toilet door. They've gone off to look at that… We are serious."

"Eventually it's going to happen. It's just we can't do it at the moment because we don't have a mechanism for charging you," he said.

Mr O'Leary said charging passengers to relieve themselves would "reduce an awful lot of the unnecessary visits to the toilet that (expletive) so many passengers off."

"Most people would go to the loo (toilet) before they get on the plane, or they hold it until they land. You would only have to deal with the people who absolutely have to go," he told the Associated Press.

Toilet fees could become the next serious money-maker scheme for Ryanair, who are already Europe's most profitable and aggressively expanding airline.

Mr O'Leary estimates if 20 per cent of passengers pay 1 pound ($2.21) to use the restroom, this would generate $33 million pounds annually – which he believes would generate future "fare savings to the travelling public."

With AP

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Fatal 12-hour orgy with Viagra

THIS was one bet Sergey Tuganov was determined to win.

British newspaper, The Sun, reports the 28-year-old Russian man died after taking a bottle of Viagra pills for an apparent 12-hour sex romp.

Two women told Moscow police they bet Tuganov $US4300 that he wouldn't be able to satisfy them during a non-stop half day sex marathon.

The mechanic died of a heart attack minutes after winning the wager, Moscow police said.

"We called emergency services but it was too late, there was nothing they could do," said one of the female participants who identified herself only as Alina.

Medics said he most likely died from the quantity of Viagra he had ingested.

There are 30 pills in an average 100mg bottle of Viagra.

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Nurse Buy Sex Aid For Teenager

From news.com

A COMMUNITY nurse bought an artificial vagina for a sexually frustrated disabled teenager.

Stephanie Courts made the revelation at a Royal College of Nursing conference in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

She obtained the vibrating sex aid after the 15-year-old patient, who was severely disabled, became distressed at not being able to satisfy his sexual urges.

Ms Courts said the case highlighted a serious issue, the lack of national guidelines for dealing with the sexual needs of physically disabled adolescents.


Her team in Worcestershire eventually drew up its own sexual health policy for the local Primary Care Trust.

The nurses addressed the problem after consulting the 15-year-old boy’s parents.

Ms Courts said the team dealt “professionally with a potentially embarrassing and legally difficult situation”, Nursing Standard magazine reported.

But national guidelines were still needed for nurses finding themselves in similar situations.

Ms Courts told the conference for nurses working with children and young people: “Sexual health guidance is not out there and this is shocking."

Previously, staff at the Helen & Douglas House Hospice in Oxford were persuaded by a patient to help find him a prostitute, said Nursing Standard.

Nick Wallis, 22, who has muscular dystrophy, told a national newspaper how he approached staff in January after realising that he was unlikely to have sex before he died.

The patient’s request was put through the hospice’s ethics committee and lawyers were consulted.

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